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Anything beside Paypal


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Hey MWG people,

i have been on the forum for sometime.

recently stopped using mccodes as i no longer have a proper paypal account due to scammers and not being verfied

i used to use it for huge amounts and wasnt verified, i used to sell things and buyers used to attempt scamming their money back but i used to win disputes as i used to have proof, then paypal permantly banned it..

i phoned them and asked how comes am permantly banned they said because you recieve alot of disputes and we dont feel safe i said but i win them they like still its not safe to let you go on.

Paypal aint that good at explaining neither supporting so i gave up on it.

I asked them what if i was to buy many things of someone an open false disputes would you have banned their account, they said yes i got angry and hanged up as thats BS why shall seller get the punishments for the buyers action and ontop if they lost the dispute dont make sense...!

so someone opening false disputes can get someones account banned grrr...BS.

anyways main reason for posting is im still looking to open games (questions)

1)instead of paypal payments is there any other gateways people use and found users to be actually using them..

2)is it possible to get someone code a custom gateway so people can pay directly to my bank with their card debit/credit...

please post your suggestion, i dont have to make this game to earn money it will be nice to earn a bit, i can setup the game different to most games as set challenges for the packs or such..

all i do with games is just get huge traffic and active users and sell it, it sells it does not need to be earning if it got traffic its valued money as without traffic/active users the site is no where to be making money..

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1) Yes, there are MANY.

I would suggest you find a localized payment gateway if you don't plan on converting currencies often.

2) Yes, it is. How do you think PayPal was made?

But, it's out of the league of a single programmer like yourself, you will need to create a company(min 50 partners) and register it with all types of authorities just to simply get it going.

You could however, just list banking details. Which is also more probable for you.

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Im not planing to create a payment gateway company im just thinking of like getting someone to code me a gateways where you select the credit/debit card payment and just enter your card details and the money is automted sent to my bank .. no need to register it?

Also just wanted to know about some mobile payments what are the ones that actually payout and work ?

Onebip am unsure of as i havd money in there but took forever any others or any reviews on onebip? ands how it works

Also i know there are many but i want to know if they work as if i was to use escrow for example in my pakcs to make a sale most my users wont pay they will or might find it to be a long process

and how would google checkout work is it like they can pay by card and the money goes to my google account then i get payed?

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There is numerous gateways you can use. Look at all the ecom software that have modules for gateways! All use the providers API which when you look at the info is pretty simple to use.

I use and have used, 2checkout, paypal, moneybookers, nochex, onebip (bad), daopay. All on my game and all with auto credit/return from the site.

At present I use Dave's cart mod with a 2checkout gateway I wrote myself and the paypal module that was included.

Direct to bank is rarely supported. I think there is only a few companies that allow such and the time delays on it due to security restrictions does not make it worth while.

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