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Gang Wars


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i have this gang war system where you buy territorys, (cant find the orginal post) but you buy a sector of teritory for your gang

i was wondering is there a way i can clear the tables,

the tables are as follows

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER1=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER2=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER3=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER4=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER5=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER6=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER7=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER8=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER9=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER10=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER11=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER12=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER13=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER14=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER15=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER16=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER17=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER18=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER19=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER20=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER21=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER22=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER23=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER24=0));

$db->query(sprintf("UPDATE gangs SET gangTER25=0));

is there a way i can get them wiped so i can add then to the weekly cron, i was thinking along the same lines as like the voting crons, but that wipes the table completely, can someone help.


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