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Hey could someone check out my explore and add images above every cattegory with a background around it.EX-a square around it.This is my code I been trying to do this all day but I still cant figure this out.


include "globals.php";
Doing('Exploring the city');
$tresder=(int) rand(100,1999) - $ir['awareness_upgrades'];
if($ir['location'] > 1) { die("<center>This Page is Unavailable while in a different location."); }
if($ir['jail'] or $ir['hospital']) { die("This page cannot be accessed while in jail or hospital."); }
//-- Finding items query
//-- Are they abusing it?
$db->query("UPDATE users SET cityclicks=cityclicks+1 WHERE userid={$ir['userid']}");
if($ir['cityclicks'] >= 150)
$db->query("UPDATE users SET fedjail=1 WHERE userid={$ir['userid']}");
$db->query("INSERT INTO fedjail VALUES('', {$ir['userid']}, 365, 1, 'Refreshing in the city-1 Day. If you feel you are innocent send an email to  [email protected]. ')");
$fia=(int) rand(10,2999) - $ir['awareness_upgrades'];
$fib=(int) rand(10,2999) - $ir['awareness_upgrades'];
if($fia == $fib)
$iq=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM items WHERE findable=1 ORDER BY rand() LIMIT 1",$c);
mysql_query("UPDATE donastats SET itemsfound=itemsfound+1 WHERE userid=$userid",$c);
mysql_query("UPDATE users SET findings=findings+1 WHERE userid={$ir['userid']}");
mysql_query("INSERT INTO inventory VALUES ('', $item, $userid, 1)",$c);
$db->query("UPDATE items SET count=count+1 WHERE itmid=$item");
event_add($userid,"You found a/an <b>{$r['itmname']}</b> while walking round the city!",$c);
event_add(1,"$userid found a/an <b>{$r['itmname']}</b> while walking round the city!",$c);
if($ir['pagetutorials'] == ON)
print "
<center><table width=75% border=3 bordercolor=#BDBDBD cellspacing=0 bgcolor=#FBFBE0 frame=border rules=none class=table>
<tr><td width=75><img src='info.jpg'><br><font color=#999999><i>[• <a href=preferences.php><font color=#999999><i>Turn Off</i></font></a>]</i></font></center></td><td><center><b>{$set['game_name']} Tutorial</b></center><font color=#000000 size=2>
Come here to check out the Markets, Casino, Shops and much more.
print "<b><h3>Wise City</h3></font></b><hr>
<center><table width=99% cellpadding='5' cellspacing='0' border='0'><tr>
<td align='left'><b>Market place:</u></b></td><td align='left'><b>North side:</u></b></td>
<td align='left'><b>Red-Light District:</u></b></td></tr><tr><td width=33% align='left' valign='top'>
• <a href='itemmarket.php'>Item Market</a><br />
• <a href='auctions.php'>Auction Market</a><br />
• <a href='pointsmarket.php'>Points Market</a><br/>
• <a href='donator.php'>Donator house</a><br /></td>
• <a href='Deals.php'>Hot Deals!!</a><br />
<td width=33% align='left' valign='top'>
• <a href='estateagent.php'>Estate Agent</a><br />
• <a href='stocks.php'>Stock Market</a><br />
• <a href='bank.php'>City Bank</font></a><br/>
• <a href='forums.php'>Forums</font></a><br/></td>
<td width=33% align='left' valign='top'>
• <a href=exchange.php>Credit Exchange</font></a><br/>
• <a href='dump.php'>Dump</a><br />
• <a href='travel.php'>Travel Agency</font></a><br />
• <a href='crimes.php'>Crimes</font><br /><br /><br /><br /></a></td>
print "
<td align='left'><b>West side:</u></b></td><td align='left'><b>Central:</u></b></td>
<td align='left'><b>East side:</u></b></td></tr><td width=33% align='left' valign='top'>
• <a href='userlist.php'>User List</font></a><br />
• <a href='stafflist.php'>Staff</font></a><br />
• <a href='competitions.php'>Competitions</font></a><br />
• <a href='halloffame.php'>Hall of Fame</font></a><br />
• <a href='stats.php'>Game Stats</font></a><br/>
• <a href='pointsexchange.php'>Points Exchange</font></a><br/>
• <a href='usershop.php'>Current Bazaars</font></a><br/><br/><br/></td><td width=33% align='left' valign='top'>

• <a href='propose.php'>Church</font></a><br/></b>
• <a href='dogs.php'>Pet</font></a><br/></b>
• <a href='partner.php?action=divorce'>Divorce</a><br />
• <a href='education.php'>University</font></a><br/>
• <a href='ads.php'>Newspaper Ads</font></a><br/>
• <a href='askstaff.php'>Ask a question</font></a><br />";

print "</td>
<td width=33% align='left' valign='top'>
• <a href='shops.php?shop=22'>Pawn Shop</a><br />
• <a href='shops.php?shop=3'>Bits-N-Pcs</a><br />
• <a href='shops.php?shop=4'>Guns are Fun</a><br />
• <a href='shops.php?shop=15'>Jewellery Store</a><br />
• <a href='shops.php?shop=19'>Knives for a Pro</a><br />
• <a href='shops.php?shop=20'>Leons Leathers</a><br />
• <a href='shops.php?shop=21'>Gabies Gadgets</a><br />
• <a href='shops.php?shop=16'>Wreckless Wheels</a>
print "</tr><tr>

<td align='left'><b>Gangstas alley:</u></b></td><td align='left'><b>South side:</u></b></td><td align='left'><b>Downtown:</u></b></td>
<td align='left'><b></u></b></td></tr><tr><td width=33% align='left' valign='top'>
• <a href='creategang.php'>Create a Gang</font></a><br />
• <a href='gangcentral.php'>Gang list</font></a><br />
• <a href='gangwars.php'>Gang wars</font></a><br />
• <a href='missions.php'>Missions</font></a><br /><br>
</font></td><td width=33% align='left' valign='top'>
• <a href='gym.php'>Local Gym</font></a><br />
• <a href='tilnews.php'>Newspaper</font></a><br />
• <a href='usersonline.php'>Users Online</font></a><br />
• <a href='mailbox.php'>Mailbox</font></a><br/>
</font></td><td width=33% align='left' valign='top'>
• <a href='jail.php'>City Jail</font></a><br />
• <a href='hospital.php'>Hospital</font></a><br />";
print "</td>
<td width=33% align='left' valign='top'>
</table><br />";
print "<div align=center><hr><font size=2>This is your referal link: http://{$domain}/register.php?REF=$userid <br />
Every signup from this link earns you <b>250 points and 31 donator days status</b> once they reach level 5!<br /><hr>

print "<br /><br />";
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