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PHP Tutorials / documentation


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You will find here some links for PHP tutorials. Currently taken out of a Djkanna post (kudos to him).

PHP Manual

Google: HTML, CSS and Javascript from the ground up

Mozilla Developer Network - Doc Center

Somewhat outdated (like most) tutorial on PHP login system

Cool login system, with PHP, MySQL and jQuery

PHP login page example

Please share here if you have any more... I will update the list.

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Just to note, the Mozilla docs/Google links have no content relating to PHP (afaik), I only linked them in that thread as he had no idea where to start (HTML seemed like a good place :P)

I'm not sure which is best, one whole list of lots of different languages or different lists, within each language's board, relating to that one language?

I suppose the seperate has an advantage of linking to different types of tutorials (IE login system, then template system), whilst the larger list, may get to clutter with such so it may have an advantage to have a list for *specific* tutorials and one that's more generalised?

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