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CorruptCity relaunch

corruptcity || skalman

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hi I would like to inform the community that ive now relaunched CorruptCity from today. Some of you old timers may remember that i had originally launched the game last year but due to being at uni I had to drop development of the game to get my assignments for the year finished then falling ill (only glandular fever lol) until just before christmas at a family meal i was talking to my unclue and cousin about facebook and web games and other stuff which gave me an idea and created and answered 2 questions

what can the users do on fb when they are waiting for a friend to reply or no1s online or w/e?

well they could play a fb game but i dont like them as you have to leave the actual facebook page and it takes ages to go back main site.

and the 2d question what do users on a browser based game do while the stats are regening?

go on facebook?, play another part of the game that doesnt need stats?, go on the ingame forum? play another game or whatever else

and from these 2 question i had a big bang in my head why not add a social network side to a browser based game, Ino you'll just say that the user could just go on facebook but with the social network inside of a game the users won't need to leave the site to switch between game and social.

Im planning on keeping the social network basic, simple and easy to use and im creating it how I would want it to look and not just a facebook ripoff

And from the games ive played and im fairly certain that something like this has never been done before

sorry for the waffle and long story and thanks for your time, yes im over my kissing disease :P

If you would like to check out the game/social network the demo account is


username demo

password demo

p.s. Before alan or any1 has a chance to say the main story on the login is crap ino ive got my cousin that did screen writting and creative writing at university. She currently writting the main story and crimes for me and they will be added once shes finished

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The randomness of me actually coming on this forum and noticing this forum is immense lol

But yh, good luck with the site mate. I may return and whatnot after this year of my College Course. I am building a CMS there so I should have more skills in my armament after :D

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