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you wont make a lot of money off any game unless it is your passion, and you create it in your own unique way, if your looking to make cash fast it won't happen, it takes a lot of effort and time to make cash from a game, and all players know a real coder and gamer, and also know when someone is greedy, which will lead them to donate else where, it has happened in a lot of games. An unique game and ideas you created yourself and love will make lots of money!

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One that is not randomly thrown together for a quick buck.

A true game, that has a storyline and features integrated into each other will go a lot further than a random mafia game thrown together. Mafia games are just popular around here because all engine offered here are currently well rather mafia styled. But there is a place for other type of games as well. Look at the war games, look at facebook... there is a huge market in game, you just need to work (hard) on it.

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