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Hello everyone,

I plan to make a MMO review blog soon and I'm in search for 2 partners, you would not require to make any investment although investment wouldnt be denied.

What I require from the partners:

1) Love to play and try out new MMO's

2) Can speak in clear and comprehensive statements. No one is going to be a grammar nazi here, I just want what you write to be understood by all.

What the partner gets:

Equal cut of profits we make from this site

Please note that although I will give equal share of profits to my two partners, I will have 100% ownership of website.

If interested leave your contact details (skype/msn) in a PM to me.


Rachit aka srachit

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It may be unbiased, to some degree, but then again - you can not always provide an in-depth review because some games would require some commitment to give a broad review on.

Sure, in the case of mc code - you log in and you see instantly what it offers, but then if you spend the same amount of time on torn.com, your review wouldn't be worth a lot because some featured don't unlock till xx level.

You also have money requirements and whatnot. Again, I will use torn as an example:

To do some crimes, you need certain items that are obtainable by points, so at what point are reviewers going to play for 3 months to get the money needed for points, to get the items, to review the whole array of crimes?

Some features are donator only, so are you going to donate to open them, so you can do a complete review?

Some features, like travelling and stocks (I think) require levels and considering levelling is slow, you have to commit a few months to give a complete review.

With this in mind and on the basis that if I read a review, I want a FULL review (Think phone reviews where EVERYTHING is covered) and that would take too much commitment if I am honest.

Just my 2c.

Reviews can be done by gameplay, as well as asking people who are already playing it mixed with current owners/mods that want to give an input on the game that is behind. You can contact the owner and let him know you are writing a review and if he can put a lock account with access to everything (except sending items/money/etc), he might do it. He might not of course, but that is all up to the owner. Doesn't hurt to ask.

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