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Hey well I have this Idea it all started a while back but back to the point I wonder can some one can create a kill mod this could be a big hit I really dont care about if a user leave but this type a mod brings people and I like it.But I got this idea could I just edit my attack and add something that will drop the user and give them a msg .If so could someone give me a couple function and were to put them at or just some help would be fine.

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He wants a mod, I am assuming, in which when someone attacks and brings their health down to 0 it would kill them permanently. He thinks this will be a big hit and he thought of it a while back. He believes alot of people will like it and will bring a lot of players, even if it makes a couple of players leave in the beginning....

Google Translation does wonders!

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this is actually a good idea, where you could team up as an user and kill a person for cash etc.. he has to start over then and besides that if he's #1 in the HOF.. probably he has a good guild/clan wich could protect him^^ i saw this in another game too.. it was pretty fun even when i had to start over^^ my brother looked up who killed me and killed that dude with his clan XD but that was a long long time ago!

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