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Big Browser Game for Sale


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Could you provide some more information to the public please?

Like what programming languages it uses? 3rd party libraries? technologies? standards? MVC or other patterns and methods?

How long has it been running? Does it have a solid userbase / income?

What price range are you looking for?

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Q: What price range are you looking for?

A: Your budget should be in €130k range

What makes the site worth €130k ? independently valued or...


Who knows a serious game development forum where I can get real offers?

You could try digitalpoint, but honestly if you're trying to sell for such a high amount development forums may be the wrong place. At least asking for a high amount right off anyway. Try opening it up with an auction instead to see what people are willing to pay. You don't always have to sell if you're not happy with the price.

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so how much is the game earning?

Q: Does it have a solid userbase / income?

A: Part of the business model is to translate the game to many different languages and run it on as many markets as possible. Currently the game is running HERE with more than 24,000 registered users just during the beta cycle and HERE

With that in mind, the game is designed to be translated very easily to different languages.

this doesn't answer the question..

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We have done changes and improvements to it.

One of our big clients did not pay a large sum of money they were invoiced for which let the company to a small crisis. That is the main reason why such decision had to be made


Just to be a pain jQuery was used on the site, so that would be a 3rd party library

May I also ask why you would want to sell the game if you've invested 130,000 euros

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