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What Does MWG Think?


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So should i create a game engine that is like mccodes or where your a business man? I NEED TO KNOW BEFORE I GO ON IN MY CODING!

Business Type:

You invest in buying small companies and slowly make your way to buying things like oil rigs and software companies. You try to get as rich as possible but you have daily expenses that you have to pay as well like staff, on the note of staff you have to pick who you hire. When you think your company is ready you can open a second store and so on...

Which do you think?

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Why would you create something "like mccodes"? Unless it has a unique selling point I doubt it would sell well as an engine, and to be honest running it as a game would put you in competition with others very much like it. The business game could have potential, but maybe you should plan out the game play a little more before opening any kind of editor. Starting development of anything with such a general outline is never a good idea in my opinion.

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