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Your game is built now what ?

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Even though i dont run a game ive found myself doing some strange things to keep a game ( if i owned one ) up to speed and running smoothly


I use spreadsheets when ever possible to keep my knowledge of a game at an advantage. so how does a Spreadsheet help ?

well if i was to Categorise my Spreadsheet usage and show how it works maybe it could help others with their game plan....

1 = create a spreadsheet for weapons and items listing their cost and usage also add how many people use certain weapons items this will help you understand which items/wepaons are not being used and ones that er beig used more than others and will give you a better response on which items/weapons need asjusting for game play..

2 = Create a speadsheet for your users which displays how many days they spend on your game which page they visit more than others and more than anything if the player is able to help another player with a forum question. you may find this daunting but doing so will give you a better idea of new potential staff too employ.

3 = create a spreadsheet for every area in your game this will enable you to understand which pages are being used more than others and how long a user stays on any particular page.

4 = create a spreadsheet for all mods youve applied to your game and where possible allow the script to inform you of user activity. If a mod in a game isnt being used as much as another then maybe that mod is in need of an update and where pages are being used more than others this doesnt mean that page is doing well but maybe a money spinner for players...

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Back when I first started, I used to write all my items/weapons etc on pieces of paper, ended up having three/four sheets of a4 with makeshift columns for each category (name/desc/price etc).

I did the same for houses/crimes and all the other stuff, it's easy to see why I got bored quickly trying to manage dozens of sheets of paper, with scribbled info on them.

Nowadays I would use Google Docs, or some collab tool especially if I wasn't the only one with a part of the game.

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