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The big MWG FAQ & Rules thread


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General Information

1.1 Preface

This set of information is ment to improve the overal quality and browsing experience of the MWG community and to provide only one portion of information. MWG reserves the right to change this information as we may see fit, with or without notice.

1.2 Rights

Every user is entitled to his own opinion and may share it with the community. We ask that this happens in a respectful and constructive matter. We have always carried “freedom of speech” as an important factor of our community. This is a difficult subject, however. Therefore, we ask that you obey our requests, without discussion

1.3 Content

All content posted on MWG stays the intellectual property of the author(s). However, by posting you allow MWG to reuse all content for various non-commercial activities, in return we WILL provide information on how to contact said author(s).

Deletion of content may be requested but the final decision will be made by the current MWG staff team. This request may be declined.

1.4 Failure of adhering to these rules

Failure of following any of these rules may result in a disciplinairy action as MWG sees fit. This may be the loss of access, thread/post deletion and/or a ban.

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2. User Guidelines

2.1 User Behaviour

2.1.1 Show respect

It's not important to us how old you are or where you are from, but do show some respect to your fellow community members. This starts with correct communication (2.1.2 Language) but doesn't stop there. There will always be someone who you can learn from at some point. Listen to what these people say and do not e-flip them off. They are helping you after all, and it certainly does not increase your reputation on here. They might have some useful tips or links. (2.1.3 Willingness to learn. When making a post, have some patience (2.1.4 Reply and answer). It will get you a lot further than anything

Begging is not allowed (2.1.5 Begging)

2.1.2 Language

We are an international community, with the English language as communicational language. Therefore, we will ONLY allow English in all public boards. We require that everyone tries to make decent use of the English language. We know not everyone has a native English tongue, but this does not matter, a spelling mistake is allowed, we all make it. After all, American and British English do have their own differences in spelling.

We would just like to have readable posts on MWG. Thus, we cannot accept any gibberish. “U” is a letter and not a word.

2.1.3 Willingness to learn

We are an open minded community, where people help each other. You're free to make a thread whenever you need help, but please show that you are doing something with the replies you receive. More experienced members might reply on your thread with useful information. Try to use it and do not just ignore it. Members might pick up on your ignorance and decide not to respond to your later threads. And you can't really blame them in such situation can we?

2.1.4 Reply and answer

When making a new thread, be patient for an answer. You can be sure that you will receive a reply quickly enough if the thread is supplied with enough information.

When answering to a thread, we would like to ask that you are informative. If you have taken any information online, or know that certain informative places exist, try to add a link back to the place in question, like a link back to an article or a manual. When you are copying a reply from a site, give the original author credit, you are required to add a link back. Otherwise it's just optional.

2.1.5 Begging

We will not tolerate any begging.


2.2 Posting Guidelines

2.2.0 Before you post

Search around via either the forum search option (or google). We are willing to help, but your issue might already be covered in an article or in the manual itself. For all we know, your issue might be fixed at this point! Instant fix, rather quick, right?

2.2.1 Selecting the right place to post.

Selecting the correct place to make your post is vital to our community. A post about subject X should be located as close as possible to subject X, and not somewhere between posts on subject Y.

A popular item is “MCCodes”, the only acceptable place for posts about “MCCodes” is in the MCCode board and no place else. Common sense would also define that java does not have a place in here.

2.2.2 Thread titles

By choosing a correct title, every reader knows immediately what your thread will be about. This is rather important on a forum that offers quite a bit. We would like to ask you to make a brief, yet descriptive thread title. "Error Plz Help!!!!!!!!!" will get you nowhere. No one can guess what issue you have with that. We feel that threads like this do no longer have a place on here and will be archived/deleted on sight. Having a thread title like "Registration error: date of birth not inserted" will tell everyone what your issue is, while they do not have to open your thread yet.

2.2.3 Thread content

The most important part of the whole thread in question is the post that starts the thread. Describe your problem with any information you might have. The more information you can supply the easier it is for someone else to reply to your issue and answer to it as soon as possible. When you are posting about a technical problem – something that doesn't work – we would like to ask that you also add all information about which steps or actions you have taken already. This to avoid a suggestion of something which you have done already.

When creating a comparison between two technologies, state your facts, show your research, tell what and why. We would love to see more healthy discussions and comparisons between technologies but the discussion needs to stay healthy and pleasant to read. There is nothing more annoying than reading a thread full of bashing or "mine is better than yours" reactions without unbiased opinions and facts.

Be descriptive, share the information!

2.2.4 Replying to a thread

We would like to encourage everyone to reply to a thread, however, do this with respect to the thread starter. Nothing is more annoying than getting a reply that is “of no use”. With no use, we mean posts that are (completely) off topic, spam, advertising, ... These posts will be deleted (2.2.5) Posts that are relative to the thread and might be helpful are not considered “of no use”. Whether they are helpful or not, is a different situation, but STAY ON TOPIC. If you're unsure what this is, look at the very first posts. Discussions about something else should not take place in said thread, start a new one instead.

2.2.5 SPAM / Off topic

Posts will be deleted at sight, the user might be warned or banned considering the situation.

2.2.6 Promoting / Advertising

Promoting or advertising your services or products is allowed, but only in those boards that serve that purpose. In all other situations it will be considered SPAM or off topic (2.2.5).

2.2.7 Double posts/threads

Double posts/threads are not done. When you create a double thread, ask to delete one or you might lose both.

2.2.8 Old threads

Leave old threads for what they are. We leave them open and unarchived for the case that someone does have a specific reason to post there, like an issue that grew out of said thread. In such situation we do not mind. We feel like that a solution, or a “cool it works”-reply to a two year old thread isn't needed anymore. So please, refrain from replying to an old, ancient thread unless you have a very good reason to do so.

2.2.9 Bumping

Bumping is allowed, but as we have said before (2.1.1), please show respect and patience. Bumping a thread is allowed after 48 hours.

2.2.10 What can I (not) post?

By default everything is allowed, as long as it's posted correctly and not one of the following

* Adult material

* Copyrighted material without permission

* Damaging material (trojans, viruses,...)

* Harassment

* Illegal Behaviour

* Illegal Software

* Obscene language

* Violence

* Warez

If you are unsure, ask a staff member prior to posting

2.3 User Profiles & Signature

2.3.1 User Signature

Please keep your signature to 5 lines MAXIMUM, preferably less. This to prevent threads where there is more to read in a profile signatures than in the actual posts itself. Allowing 5 lines should be more than enough to suite all needs.

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3 Staff Guidelines & Interaction

3.1 Staff Rights

Staff has the right to perform any action they wish as long as it suits the situation. Any action made by staff is not up for public discussion. When this is not to your likings, reconsider and eventually contact an high level admin (3.x)

3.x Issues with staff

Issues with staff should be reported to an Administrator. Please provide all information possible. We would like to create a healthy environment for all.

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The IRC channel(s) are a different instance than the community forums. We would like to invited everyone over to our channel(s). These IRC servers are owned and operated by another instance and thus we are not responsible for the actions they take related to your behaviour. IRC accounts and MWG user accounts are currently not linked to each other.

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6.1 I don't know PHP/MySQL/JAVA/<technology>, what should I do?

You can ask us for help or information to what options your project should suit best, or how you could start optimal for learning a new technology. We'll be happy to assist you in your first steps.

6.2 Can you do <something> for me?

Quite possibly that we can do something for you, however, we are not here to work for you. If you have a certain job or work that needs to be done. Hire someone.

6.3 I want to make a quick buck, how do I do this?

Get a job as paper carrier. Working online, or making a web game will not bring you in any money quickly. You need to built up a reputation and a product. It will take a long time before this is achieved. A lot of time and work will be put into this.

6.4 Can I add my web (game) engine on makewebgames.io?

Yes, you can for sure, however we go through a screening process. Be prepared to hand over a full featured product, as how you'd sell it to your clients, available for an internal test. Contact Nickson

6.5 I'm in a certain situation and I'm not sure what I should do here??

Feel free to contact any moderator on this site and we'll assist you in posting your issue/problem on this forum. Keep in mind that moderators are here to keep the place tidy, not to solve your problem, nor to fix your issues.

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I would like to bump this topic, more specifically section 2.2.3. It’s very helpful if you take the time to actually give some details in your post. If you take the time, most other people here may also take the time. Hell, if it’s an engine I don’t own, I may even buy it in order to help people.

I have been seeing tons of topics/replies that say: “This doesn’t work” but absolutely zero context other than we know it’s for a particular mod or engine. Screenshots or pasting 5 lines of code before and after your error is a very good starting point to get the help you will need. 

On 2/16/2012 at 1:55 AM, Nickson said:

2.2.3 Thread content

The most important part of the whole thread in question is the post that starts the thread. Describe your problem with any information you might have. The more information you can supply the easier it is for someone else to reply to your issue and answer to it as soon as possible. When you are posting about a technical problem – something that doesn't work – we would like to ask that you also add all information about which steps or actions you have taken already. This to avoid a suggestion of something which you have done already.


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