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Cron Job Hosting


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Re: Cron Job Hosting

You're a moron. Google doesn't give fucking recomendations of quality companies.

I tried webbasedcron, they were simply too unreliable. 5 Minute crons ran 40 seconds late, and minute crons, although usually ran on time, would fail for no reason and thus became unreliable.

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Re: Cron Job Hosting

No google doesnt but it gives you links, which you can click and read the reviews, much like seanybob did, so dont insult other people like that.

Try - http://www.cronhosting.com A mate said there not bad...

You could also transfer to a better host/higher spec server/different package.

You could try paying for another hosting package from someone else and run them from that, as it seem cronhosts usually cost the same as a lowish bandwidth hosting package.

You could also host them on a mates server for an hour or so too see if that clears up lag?

Or if you have a decent connection, boot (via vm or dual boot) into unix/linux and run em yourself?

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