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Makewebgames - Mccodes Relation


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To clear up some confusion, if there is any, I've decided to make a post about the MWG - MCC relation. Many of you probably know that MWG is infact owned by MCC, but I doubt many know what this means exactly.

Mccodes has indeed the ownership of Makewebgames. This is also the reason why dabs & coldblooded have full administrator rights. But that's about the end of the existing relationship. We (staff) have made some agreements with MCC during the acquisition in order to come as close as possible to everyones best interests. I'll try to explain a few things so any confusion might be lifted.

Daily management of MWG

Makewebgames operates fully on its own, with its own staff, rules, and so forth. Mcc has agreed to not involve themself in the daily management of MWG as owner. Both dabomstew and coldblooded are part of the mwg staff team though, so they know what goes around, and they do have their voice within that team, yet as a normal staff member.

We can make our own decisions since MWG operates completely independent from Mccodes.


MCC Support

Makewebgames will support the Mccodes Game Engine to the level of best effort. All programming issues can be posted on mwg. Keep in mind however, that this does not mean that an official member of Mccodes will reply to your thread. If you wish to receive official support, you should report any issues via http://mccodes.com/support/

All threads should be posted inside MCCode Development & Support and nowhere else.

We will not limit to who community support may be given. MWG will not legally pursue anyone without a proper license, but we will encourage the community to be self regulating on this matter and we may also provide tools for members to check on valid licenses. Questions may be asked though.


We support any constructive critisism no matter the subject.

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