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I am making a web hosting site so u guys can host your mccodes just need some help.

I need ideas for the packs from free to paid any features you want in these packs and how much to set the prices to how much on my resellers pack i have

this is how much i can allocate to each account

Disk space: 10000 MB

Bandwidth: 100000 MB

Email boxes: 10

MySQL databases count: 5


some help or idea's would be much appreciated thanks

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This part is not something for the community, it's trying to get people onto your site. First, is there enough trust that you won't go into their files and take their games from them. (Don't know you, so can't say) Hosting services are very tricky, you don't just let people onto your server and everything is fine. What if they ask you a question? Since you have no knowledge, how will you be able to answer them?

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I Haven't posted any links or anything so I'm not trying to get anyone on the site as i have said in a post on here before I'm not here to make a game I'm here to learn php through something i like games and to get a better knowledge of game design and engines there is live staff routed through my hosting company to answer any questions i just want to help the community grow maybe. and i a'm in no such way a thief i despise idiots who take other peoples hard work and effort i will personally check all mccodes licences and delete all sites without them.

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Your webhost will not provide you support for 3rd party scripts. They will provide you support for your reseller account should you have a issue with it but they will not provide you support for your clients or their scripts. A reseller account is undertaken with the assumption that the owner will be able to provide the support to their own clients.

So based on your web hosts server configuration. Should a question arise then how will you be able to answer it? Your going to reply One moment ill just ask my live support? Not really professional is it.

Also you may wish to check that your reseller account has the abilities to run games such as running 1 minute crons as its a shared server then you are bound to their SLA & TOS not your own.

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I would be more worried about the performances and what if the game starts to be successful and uses a bit too much CPU, will it be kicked like it happens all the time from lunarpages? If a game owner doesn't have the resources to pay an hosting like by equinox, then he should re-think about his goal.

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