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SELLING LOGIN And register


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i will include the psd , and the code , i will also (if you are struggling) install it to your game for no extra cost and make any customizations you want.

here i am selling a login and register for a olden type mafia game but i think it would also suit other mafia games.


also please ignore the line near the mans foot as i was adding a copyright on the screenshot but then decided not to , this line wont be in the files you purchase.

and the quality is much better then in the screenie.

i will not state the price so this is a auction !!! get bidding . also please feedback on this as this is my first paid mod



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oh , thanks alot peter , was just about to do as they said . thanks you just saved my work. and do you have any feedback since you are a expert at making layouts and i would be interested as how i can improve .

also are there any offers.

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It's pretty good actually, only couple suggestions will be to lose the images at the footer, they are definitely different and take away form the overall template. The second suggestion will be that the character and the texture of the paper and borders are really opposite of each other. It just seems the character was placed and was never part of the template and forced in. However, you hit alot of good key points, so I will have to say good job man. Those are the only two criticism about the template.

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Thanks i am learning from the feedback that you and others are giving me . when i get a offer i will ask the buyer weather they want the images at the bottom or not and next time i will try to integrate the characters better , THANKS FOR YOUR FEEDBACK! it helps alot .

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Yep strange how BOTH of them commented on your template like vultures sorry, but I think its wrong that they are stealing other peoples work. And then using it without permission, and or changing the graphics on it, downgrading the original. I don't blame you one bit for not selling it to them, after I had found those templates of Peters on bmw11's website it made my respect for bmw11 sink low. He does not get my respect at all on here!

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