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OneBip Mobile Payment processor


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Well, this service has recently got some attention on this forums, whether it's negative or positive attention, I don't care that much honestly. I'm just wondering if there are any persons around that have actually used, or are using this service for quite a bit and can shed some light on it. As we have many developers in this community it's always nice to get to know new services, but also the bad, so you don't wake up to a nightmare some day.

I'd like to get a mature discussion started about this service..

So does anyone had some experience with OneBip? Good or bad... I've done a quick google and honestly it doesn't always give a proper view on it.


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I have used it.

People should be aware of their policy if there is any error in the return notification then they keep the funds.

I have had a bad experience with them on this in that they changed their system without notification. Players used the system to purchase and the return notification failed - this had been tested and approved by onebip before their change. The players was billed and the money taken but I received nothing.

They refused to pay up until I finally got a member of staff to admit they had changed their system resulting in the failure.

I then decided to no longer trust them and removed their service from the game.

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There is a DaoPay activation fee of EUR 1,000, so this service should only be considered if you are serious about what you are doing.

A few months ago after researching methods of payment I discovered DaoPay, and I do plan to integrate it for users to utilize as a form of payment, however, it would be great to hear feedback from anyone who has used it in the past?

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