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A good name for a mobster style game?


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The pit that everyone falls into when starting up a game is not enough background create spreadsheets for items to show "cost,attributes,sellprice" and easy reference system is always the best result so you can concur results before adding new items.

Before opening your game have enough Backup Mods ready and tested to keep your players happy. you have to think 6 - 12 months infront all the time dont just think that adding a new mod will be an instant success

Create a test site for newly created mods they need to be 100% correct before adding to your game worst thing that could happen if you dont you can create a chain reaction with other scripts if the one youve created fails to work.

Try to Steer clear of massive edits to large amount of files the more edits you make to files the more chance your Running game will soon become unstable.

Remember its not your game even though your the one whos built it so try not too add things youd like to see as this may not be the same response from your players.

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