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Things Ive Learnt with the MCC script


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I see many posts on here asking for help about certain things and most of the time the things people are asking have already been done for them not on MWG but in their files of MCC.

so For example you want to create a link for the username on the mainmenu most people just come straight here and shout HELP

but there is an easier way if you look at your usersonline.php or userlist.php the answer is there for you and how to make it happen on the mainmenu.php..

Every thing ive made as Mods for MCC have been Extracts of code that has already been done in the MCC script and just added them together to create a new script...

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That’s true to a point, however using things you have written before is hardly a problem. Take for example the dropdown menus inside mccodes, I believe they go though functions? Does that mean everyone who has used that function does not know how to do a dropdown menu? Of course not, but it’s made quicker, and easier for them due to it being there as a resource. Seeing how something is done by someone else (inside the source files of an engine) is solid advice as long as you don’t blindly copy, and paste, but rather you learn from it.

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