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Another v2.03 error


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This one is in staff_gangs.php when you Enter a gang ID to view the record of you get this message.

Error: This script requires an action.

I cant post the file because the forum software says it is too many characters.

Also I found a couple errors in function admin_gang_credit in case someone else is having trouble crediting the gang crystals:


function admin_gang_credit() {

global $db,$ir, $userid,$c,$h;

if ( !in_array($ir['user_level'],array(2,3)) ) {

echo 'You cannot access this area.<br />> <a href="index.php">Go Back</a>';



$gang = ( isset($_POST['gang'])&&is_numeric($_POST['gang']) )?abs(intval($_POST['gang'])):'';

$money = ( isset($_POST['money'])&&is_numeric($_POST['money']) )?abs(intval($_POST['money'])):0;

$crystals = ( isset($_POST['crystal'])&&is_numeric($_POST['crystal']) )?abs(intval($_POST['crystal'])):0;


You need to change this line:

$crystals = ( isset($_POST['crystal'])&&is_numeric($_POST['crystal']) )?abs(intval($_POST['crystal'])):0;

To this:

$crystals = ( isset($_POST['crystals'])&&is_numeric($_POST['crystals']) )?abs(intval($_POST['crystals'])):0;

I am learning little by little.

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You need an action. For example;


Just change the links or the default function to a menu



This is what is there:

echo "

<form action='staff_gangs.php?action=grecord' method='get'>

<h4>Gang Record</h4>

Enter a gang ID to view the record of: <input type='text' name='gang' value='1' /><br />

Reason for viewing: <input type='text' name='reason' value='' /><br />

<input type='submit' value='Go' />


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