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how to add a login form to this div tag


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all the slices move to diff bits of page andthe login appears at top please can you tell me if this login form is right and if it is then please insert it ito the div tags and post , thanks


print "<form action=authenticate.php method=post name=login onsubmit=\"return saveme();\">Username: <input type=text name=username><br>
Password: <input type=password name=password><br>
Remember me?<br />
<input type=\"radio\" value=\"ON\" name=\"save\">Yes <input type=\"radio\" name=\"save\" value=\"OFF\" checked>No
<input type=submit value=Submit></form></fieldset></td></tr></table><br> 
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The more you try the more you will learn. Asking for someone to do it for you will not help you understand how it was done only that it is now done.

For everything you wish to know there is a thousand websites that will show you how. Type in google search form images.

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With that frame of mind indeed you will be.

There was nobody to help me when I learnt html. I sat in the universities computing department and printed out the entire html markup on a dot matrix printer.

Without trying you will never know and your much better taking things one step at a time. Create web pages in html and css. Once your comfortable with that then look at intergrating with PHP.

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The problem is your trying to jump into something without learning the basics. You are using an image that we can not see. I would say show what you are trying to do with a link, so others might be able to see what you need help with. You will probably need to style up the input fields, so that they are not wider than the image itself. The size of the table/div could be too small for the size of the input field.

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