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probs with my criminal.php


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i dont no why just try this code


include_once "globals.php";
if($ir['jail'] or $ir['hospital'])
    echo 'This page cannot be accessed while in jail or hospital.';
$q2=$db->query("SELECT * FROM crimes ORDER BY crimeBRAVE ASC");
while ($r2=$db->fetch_row($q2))
$q=$db->query("SELECT * FROM crimegroups ORDER by cgORDER ASC");
echo '<b>Criminal Centre</b><br />
<table width="75%" cellspacing=1 class="table">
echo '<tr><td colspan="3" class="h">'.mysql_real_escape_string($r["cgNAME"]).'</td></tr>';
foreach($crimes as $v)
if($v['crimeGROUP'] == $r['cgID'])
echo '<tr><td>'.mysql_real_escape_string($v["crimeNAME"]).'</td>';
echo '<td>'.$v["crimeBRAVE"].' Brave</td>';
echo '<td><a href="docrime.php?c='.$v['crimeID'].'">Do</a></td></tr>';
echo "</table>";
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Have you created a crime in your staff panel? If you have not created a crime it will show NOTHING... I dont see anything wrong with your script.

@Casey echo and print statements do not need to be secured with mres... there is no need for that... only queries and forms... echo/print is just shooting out what is in your database... securing your queries it should have already filtered it before it echo'd/print it... just saying...

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