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Dam its been a long time since ive gotten back into browser gaming lol. like about 2 years.

Anyways i use to play thise game i was wondering if there is anyway to get the scripts of the game. no one plays it i mean u cant even register but i dont really know how to hack soo yea..

the game is here

i mean i would want to know if its possible so i can start that game up and run it

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yea but you cant even sign in i tryed e mailing the owners from the email it had on the current site but no reply... its not even an existing email. Thats why i said if someone could hack it since i dont think it will hurt anyone and get the codes or replicate them or something to start it up again. i mean not in that site of course lol

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i played this game, noelle originally owned it i believe (have not spoken to her in awhile) floydian was a coder on there (i was once one of the richest on the game and was first mmorpg i played), it's based on mc v1 and was extremely edited to suit the games theme (pirates). The owner is a poker player atm i believe.

You could easily replicate the game with another engine the only brilliant aspect was it's theme due to POC coming out near to the time of it opening, POC 4 is out now so im not surprised people wanna play it again or recreate it. Although it would be quite simple to make a better version of that game using another engine as MC v1 does have many issues with it's code.

Good luck.

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