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C# surpassed PHP


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Seems that finally C# popularity went above PHP at least for once month and at last by reading such "index". Note that this is not a completely true value, it's just a way to get the popularity of a programing language and does not reflect what companies uses for development.


Shows also that Objective-C (used mainly for iPhone / iPad development) starts to be very popular. Hard to not be due to the amount of people buying such devices.

It shows however that somehow PHP is loosing ground, which actually doesn't surprise me so much. Why? Because I believe people starts to be slowly annoyed by it. PHP 5.3 is again un-compatible (as the switch from 4 to 5) which means many many scripts will not work anymore. Do you really believe people want to re-code or fix codes made by others? I highly doubt it. Also I don't see much ground breaking things going on with PHP either. Sad, but beside the development of an incredible number of frameworks, the main bases changes little (beside those breaking changes). You may think many frameworks are good, well I personally think it's bad. Why? Well imagine you want to integrate multiple scripts to build your website and suddenly you need to start to work with 2, 3 or even more different frameworks which may start to be really heavy. Also, those frameworks are some time so complex that mastering one is already a science, mastering multiple is nearly impossible, yet hiring a developer which has the knowledge of that particular framework may starts to be very difficult => market fragmentation. Without saying that a framework can disapear from one day to the other.

Overall, I really believe PHP starts to be good only for UNI / private usage, but as soon as you go to company development PHP loose and will loose yet more market.

But all those are my own opinions, please feel free to share yours ;)

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I think it is only natural that c# becomes a more widely used programming language. Especially for the home developer who would not have used it before.

Smart phone, tablet market is going to be a significant amount of revenue and c# is the language to do apps.

It will be interesting to watch this market grow. I have not really looked into c# but from what I have seen its not too much of a leap on a basic level

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