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cart system Donator mod fully intergrated with Mccodes

price $15 simmilar to Dave Maculays one

no screen shots unfortuantly

But if intrested can show probably a demo if i can add it some where JUST PM

Paypal email: [email protected]

After payment sent LEAVE ON A NOTE EMAIL where mods file to be sent

This is an exact rip of my system. You've modified a few images here and there but it's still my system. I'll be contacting the necessary parties to make certain that you stop trading in stolen content.

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Just a few points -

1) This is not where you post to sell an mccodes mod. (I will move it, but for next time post correctly)

2) Please show something about the mod. Saying "like X mod" is not enough.

3) If you can show a demo via pm why not show it to the public?

Also dave i assume you can prove that?

http://makewebgames.io/forumdisplay.php/345-Collaboration-experiences ;)

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