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Help urgent need to finish my game

gangsta life

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Okay i had made a new drug Mod but all i need now is one last file to be made

i want some one to code it please i have no money to Pay atm so can you please code it for free :)

basically i code a licence page to buy a drug licence

and made a page where blah blah you get credited some drugs in your inventory which are not buyable in the game now all i want is this drug to be sold in a drug house Mod file

but i dont know how to make it basically once you click on the file drug house it picks the drug item out from the inventory with the query then in the dropdown shows it i only want the drugs to show not everything in the inventory and next to it i want the quantity input so you can pick how many you want to sell then next to it a submit button once clicked it sumbmitted i want it to take 1 hour to sell and the sell price for that is random between $500,10000 and also once all of them are sold a event should update saying all drugs were sold for $random cash REMEMBER I DONT WANT USERS TO BUY THE DRUGS SO DONT PUT IN A LINK FOR USERS BUYING IT SHOULD BE AUTOMATIC LIKE AFTER 1 HOUR IT SELLS for a $random price

in event it should say how much it sold for that all.i want please can some one make it for me?

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Such demands and specifications for a free mod request...

I highly doubt anyone will make this for free unless you disclose the rest o the modification you made by yourself for free. That way if someone makes this for you, it can be used by everyone. Not just a free mod for you specificaly.

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for someone to help you make this for free you need to give them the other pages so they know what they are doing.Because with the newspaper no one got you, because you didnt exactly post the whole page, just the functions...

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