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[v1]Need abit of help with anouncements


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I need abit of help with anouncements on mainmenu


• <a href='ann.php' title='See the announcements.'>";
@$d=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM annoucements WHERE id={$ir['id']} AND id=0",$c);
if (@mysql_num_rows($d) > 0)
print "<font color=red>[b]Anouncements (".mysql_num_rows($d).")</font>[/b]";
print "Anouncements(0)";
print "</a>


i want it so when i post an announcement it turns red

i think its the query...

any help appreciated

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Re: [v1]Need abit of help with anouncements


wtf are the @ for?

take those out.......

and thats if your code is right.....

If I'm right, the @ operator is to echo errors if the code is unable to do it's job properly (could be wrong)..


For this method, you would have to make an edit to the Admin Panel and the announcement.php.

// Admin Panel edit
// Add under the query that inserts the announcement into the database.
mysql_query("UPDATE users SET new_announcements = new_announcements + 1") or die(mysql_error());

// Add in the announcement.php, underneath "print $content;"
$sql = sprintf("UPDATE users SET new_announcements = 0 WHERE (userid = %u)", $userid);
mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error());

// Then, the mainmenu edit is the same as the v2 version (posted below)


// To be honest, I don't know.. I don't have a v1 source. That's on my 8gb pendrive.
// If anyone finds my pendrive, I'll give you ?10! xD


echo sprintf("[url='ann.php']%s (%u)[/url]", $ir['new_announcements'] ? "<span style='color:red;'>Announcements</span>" : "Announcements", $ir['new_announcements']);
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