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Simple register edit


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I know 90% of people, if not 100% will know how to do this, but this is just here to help people. This is basically to make it so you can give donatordays and such to new users. The highlighted bits is what you change for donatordays.

$db->query("INSERT INTO users (username, login_name, userpass, level, money, crystals, donatordays, user_level, energy, maxenergy, will, maxwill, brave, maxbrave, hp, maxhp, location, gender, signedup, email, bankmoney, lastip, lastip_signup) VALUES( '{$username}', '{$username}', md5('{$_POST['password']}'), 1, $sm, 5, 2, 1, 12, 12, 100, 100, 5, 5, 100, 100, 1, '{$_POST['gender']}', unix_timestamp(), '{$_POST['email']}', -1, '$IP', '$IP')");

The bold text is crystal amount when they join, glowing is the donatordays.

(cant use code tags or the glow won't show!)

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Re: Simple register edit


Simple but even i didn't know that when i started so usefull for us n00bs +1 mate :wink:

Hehe thanks, people on my game said let newbies try out donator features for a day or 2, which will make people see the features and in time donate ;)

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Re: Simple register edit


This is great but i dont see a way to up the starting money> $sm

How can i adjust the money a user starts the game with??



Simple, just look for the variable $sm in your register file.



You're unable to view this code.

Viewing code within this forum requires registration, you can register here for free.


Edit the number to whatever you want the users money to be.

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