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[mccode v2] Better Crystal Temple!


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Re: [mccode v2] Better Crystal Temple!

1.- 1 minute to get to the game.

2.- 1 minute 30 seconds to sign up.

3.- 30 seconds to login

4.- 3 minute's to figure out exploit.

5.- 3 minute's to use exploit.

6.- 1 minute to trade it all in for strength.

Re do cycle 5 and then do cycle 6 but instead of strength go for agility.

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Re: [mccode v2] Better Crystal Temple!

You know what killah, i cant wait for the day that your game(s) fail, do you think you're like god or something, because the last few posts you've posted on here, have just basically been about you exploiting or being supirior over everyone else, im sick of it, and im sure everyone else is.

so loose the attitude and be a regular member like everyone else.

now, i know you gunna come back with something stupid like....... this is a free speech forum blah blah, i agree yes it is.... but like i say.... get over people learning etc.

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Re: [mccode v2] Better Crystal Temple!

Tezza. His head is not up my ass.

To reply to your little post there.

Let's see my last post's.


Advanced lottery:

A little bit more realistic than the one everyone has. When the player goes to buy their ticket they choose what numbers they want. the numbers to choose are displayed on a ticket and they click on them... for each ticket bought the prize fund goes up, the draw is taken each week. and it has a prize breakdown just like the real lotto.. match all numbers win jackpot match 4 win bla bla win 3 e.t.c...


I already have that system and am selling for $15. User can pick number's from 1 - 49. end of week it is selective. Member's must go check there own ticket's. It will tell them which ticket has won. they can win multiple time's. The jackpot is devided by the amount of winner's.


Please. When you make a edit make it right.


$db->query('UPDATE users SET bankmoney=(bankmoney * 0.01) where bankmoney>0 and donatordays>0', $interest);


That would give you a error like a llama spitting at you.


$db->query("UPDATE users SET bankmoney=bankmoney+".(int) floor(bankmoney * 0.01)." where bankmoney>0 and donatordays>0");

Zero bashes my post's so why not bash his back?


And exactly how is $ir defined?

Pointing out a simple fact that the code is not working.


What's one simple spelling mistake. It is right in the modification. But alright. Have you noticed the amount of spelling error's by other's? :lol:
Just simple speach.


Nope. Not at this very moment. It's a unique layout which is very good i can say.

Saying no to a preview.. Geez i am god...


It's for a customer and they would like it not to be seen as of yet. But when it is on there site i will provide a link to it.

Yeah.. i rule im god.



EDITED: Kyle did need a manual lol


I hate to break it to you but i did not. I put the u% and not %u. Big deal. Do i use it everytime i code? NO! so the fact is i am not used to it. So get lost with your smart ass remark's ;)

Backing me down so why can i not post a reply?

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Re: [mccode v2] Better Crystal Temple!


Zero bashes my post's so why not bash his back?

Grow up...

Killah is just pointing out its not secure. So the maker can possibly secure it.

yeah you are brown nose...

Ah yeah and my head aint in his arss too

who even said it was...


Kyle if i jumped of a bridge would you?

ill considering it if you say yes :-D

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Re: [mccode v2] Better Crystal Temple!

actually killah is not just saying that the script is insecure he is saying that he could go to his game and find an exploit to get lots of money / crystals...... then after he gets lots of money / crystals then go to the temple and exchange those crystals for stats and be number 1 very quickly lol......

just thought I would point that out...

and no my head isn't up his ass either just wanted to straighten that out...

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Re: [mccode v2] Better Crystal Temple!


I think its funny, if someone like Nyna or Luke says something like killah said, everyones like, Wooow, you amaze me...

*Heads up there arses* (Seems to be the fad phrase in this topic)

But if someone like me or killah etc said it, its like **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****!!!!

lol :lol:

do you seriously want to add yourself in a category with kyle...

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