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[Other] Simple Snow


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Hey i thaught i would post this simple snowing mod that is java script its 1 line for header.php and comes with 1 js file so i will start

first of all make a file called "snow.js"

and put this in it

Script removed at OP's request

save that and upload it to /public_html or /htdocs

now add

<script type="text/javascript" src="snow.js"></script>

any where on the header (under your banner code or after ?> )

so enjoy and let it snow :-)

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Re: [Other] Simple Snow


vs my original


use demo account on my site if you already don't have one

Username: demo

Password: demo

Jameo, Coldk or whatever you wanna call yourself stop selling my mods and stealing my source you bloody script kiddie little sh*t.

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Re: [Other] Simple Snow

Zero Affect. WTF Your original usersonline.php HaHaHaHa if i dont say. It look's like the one i left there eh wich i gave to anthony wich was on criminalisland.com so get dont know where u get that from.

BTW ColdK I suggest you remove my illegal mod's wich are

Travel Agency Advanced => $15

Hide & Seek => $10

Shoutbox => $15

And i am sure you are using alot of zero's mod's and absolute zero's.

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Re: [Other] Simple Snow

kyle are you on meds or something, the look of the website...

not the mod he stole my css and the basic codes for tables...

god it isn't that difficult to figure that out but im sure since your banned on kc that wouldn't really make sense to you.

i will eventually edit that code and unban you toss me over your range sometime

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