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v2.0 now released


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As some of you might know version 2.0 began production around 2 months ago. With different things going on in the personal life I wasn't able

to release it as soon as I wanted. However this ended up being a good thing. much has been done to the script include a new look, and

better back-end performance, and so new features.

Demo: http://mafia.dedicatedgamingnetwork.com

*Just click the login button to login.

**** Some settings have been disabled to be changed to secure the demo area ****

Some things to highlight on:

* New design of the front end and in game layout with div tags and css

* meta tags for title of site, slogan, description have been added

* able to set paypal email address in admin panel

* site wide announcement area added

* google ansense code set in admin panel for banner on right side main site

* able to set a incentive message on the front of the site to entice new sign ups

* clean up and get rid of tables in the database not used anymore by old rounds installed.

* tracking logs *be able to see what your members are doing through the entire site. cash used, turns, reserves, logins etc... search by round, name, ip delete single entry or those selected or all entry's

* when installing a round before you had to insert a linux timestamp to start a time at a specific time.

Now this is done setting how many days, hours, minutes from now to start.


Besides the above new features there have been performance upgrades as well. Dropping un-needed query's from pages to boost performance

and page load times. This has proven to uplift query time to displaying results on pages by 300% by not putting as high of load on the

server database and thus making your site run smoother, faster, and more efficient.


Version 1.5 now depreciated and is being sold for $25.00

using the voucher code: 15dponly

savings $125.00

this price will not last

This is a introductory price and will be increased. Act now and secure your copy for much less then the listed price of $150.00 on game-script.net


Latest new version 2.0 now being sold for $75.00using voucher code: 20dponly

savings $175.00

this price will not last..

This is a introductory price and will be increased. Act now and secure your copy for much less then the listed price of $250.00 on game-script.net


Make your purchase by going to

http://www.Game-Script.net click on New Order at the top.

or a direct link to order




Should you have any questions please feel free to ask. Also would like to say that add-on modifications will be made available soon as well as a leasing program for the script monthly.



Theodore Gaushas

Dedicated Gaming Network, LLC[/]

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Re: v2.0 now released



you youst updated pimpmyscript ; P

i can youst write a mail to them and tell them about this and you're getting sued( sorry for my english )..

No its not. and feel free to contact shredder.. Have talked with him many times including selling him resell rights on some of the mods he is selling for his script.

Please know your facts first before putting someone on blast.

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Re: v2.0 now released


this new engine looks like mypimpscript but a lot less advanced in looks

make something different


where do you think mypimpscript got they're mods from?

they bought rights for over half of them from me as they were selling them illegally and made it legit.

his original source came the same as my original source.

pimp source made by world hatred aka hatred (jason)

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