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delete user and reuse userID


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Hi i am looking for a Mod to delete all users in my game and reuse the user ID's.

I am about to launch my game in the next few weeks and I have like 10 test accounts. I want to be able to start users at user ID 2 instead of 10 or 11.

if anyone knows a Query to do this or a mod that can do this can you post it.

Also i am sorry if this is the wrong section I am not sure where to post now that things are changed around and never noticed a mod request section.




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Re: delete user and reuse userID

Don't just run this query blindly, but...


truncate users;


That query drops the users table, then recreates a clean users table with the auto increment set at 1. That means the next person to sign up (who will be the first user) will have the "1" userid.

Don't forget to reset (or truncate) tables like inventory, userstats, and anything else that stores user specific data.

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