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[mccode] Major Live Support Attachment [$15-$750]


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The ultimate web-support attachment for small to large game corporations.

What is this?

It's a multiple and flexible attachment for your MCcodes game. It is a live support script that will allow you to talk to your members through the MSN network, So you can talk to your friends like you do on MSN - and talk to your clients. Fast, easy reporting system. So your users will talk to you online, without knowing if they are even being connected to MSN network or not whereas you don't.. you'll just be at the other end replying like it's nothing hard at all. And we all know, MSN is the best. :)


- When they sign in, The first thing they would say "Customer wants to chat. Detailed Info at ???" and then you can click the temperary link to view statistics of How long they've been on the site, what page they are currently viewing and some other neat features.

- If your status is "Away" or "Offline", your customers will not be able to talk to you and it will appear on your website as "Chat offline".

- It does not require any login information for your MSN account or your games, It is 100% spotless system with latest updates free.

- You don't have to reveal your MSN or pay thousands of dollars for professional software, This works with MSN and integrates with your gaming app. How neat is that? No more stupid web stuff. Talking to your customers can be attached to your normal life!

- 100% Customizable, Your own graphics - Your own branding logo and even put advertisements on it (additional costs may occur).

- Use keys from your keyboard to navigate through the system much faster than usual.

What does it have support for?

For up to one client to talk at one time (Will improve).

How much does it cost?

Have a look at the pricing table.

MSAT = Maximum Served At A Time. How many users you can talk to simultaneously. We host the platform for fast performance, and we have the necessary modules.


Package Name



Monthly Price






















If you are looking for something specific in mind, I am flexible.

Current status:


Take mind the product is not yet released and all orders paid for now will be treated as pre-orders. It will have departments and much more features, don't worry.. we're working on it.

We're also working on supporting it for MCcodes, don't worry.. It will be extremely simple.

This product will also be available to be developed into a deep core script.

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Re: [mmcode] Major Live Support Attachment [$15-$750]


Ummm. Why pay $750 to serve 500 people? I highly doubt 500 people will come to you at once. And if they do the first person will wait easily half an hour to get the second reply from you.. Just my 2cents.

Look up, I said I'm flexible. Prices which were displayed where rough estimates and a approximate of the pricing ranges I have in mind.

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