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Who plays to make money


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Just wondering how many play a game hardcore to sell their ingame currency for real cash.

Why I'm asking simple:

More and more sites popup buying ingame currencies and resell them:

eg 100 million x at a certain game can be sold for $79.50 and they sell it then at $100.50

Now these sites are all against the Game(s) T&C yet the business exists and aren't scammers, my first thought was that those sites where scam sites but they aren't. Downside is if a player buys eg 100 million ingame currency from one of those sites 90% chance to get banned on the game.

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Re: Who plays to make money


But what if the admin's mail the person sending the cash and ask why was that sent. I could easily reply with, he did me a huge favour, and in return i gave him 100,000,000 game money.

that would still be against the rules though..

if you said you will loan it them then iit may work

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