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Problem with User ID #s


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Ok. Kinda new with php/sql so Il make this short. When you register for the game I have it brings you to the next availible user ID number...I had about 34 members at the time. Changed a user ID number to 1000 for a sec testing my user ID changer....then I changed it back. So my highest ID was still [34]. After that...the next person to sign up was ID number [1001] and after that [1002] How can I get it back to 35 and 36. There isnt anything in between. Is there something I have to do to the database again to reset the highest number or something?

Please help.



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Re: Problem with User ID #s

User id changer?

Well, I dunno what you're using that for, but I suspect you're using it to test out accounts? Like say you want to check out the account with user id 56. What I'd do is simply this:

$_SESSION['userid'] = $_GET['id'];

Now, something like that should ONLY BE ACCESSIBLE BY YOU, not even other staff members should get to use that. Since that doesn't change anything in the database, as soon as you logout, you're back to being your normal userid.


And if you're not using the userid changer for that, then there is no other good use for a user id changer and you should consider finding another way to do what you want to do.


Simply put, there's way to may "cross links" to userid in other tables, and simply changing userid in the users table doesn't do squat....

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