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[minigame] Looking if you will buy [$100.00]

Haunted Dawg

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Hello, i will be soon releasing a script made from scratch by me and could be used in 2 type's,

Type 1:

You will be able to add this to your game so when user's are bored they can go play an outer game. (minigame)

Type 2:

You will be able to run this script as a website, for people to play, it also includes donations (buying points).


This has got nothing to do with mccode's, script will be 100% mine and under llc copy right.

There are no screen shot's yet but i hope by friday the script will be ready to be shown a simple demo.

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Re: [minigame] Looking if you will buy [$100.00]

Not to be rude or insulting but with iframes and includes this can be accomplished fairly easy i have had a java games site right in my game and two other games but are not open since I am still working on them. but this basic stuff to charge $100. But I guess if you had alot of extras and such maybe $100 but would have to be good and entertaining.

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