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Hey with creating this script ?


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Re: Hey with creating this script ?


but what do you put on vewiuser?

Bah, well your gonna have to insert/update the data into the col's in the attackleave/mug/hosp first.


Then in your viewuser your going to have to fetch the data from the col's to display the results.




This is really more crap on the users table, try to look into a way where you can create a new table for this new data.

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Re: Hey with creating this script ?

I'm not sure spamming your topic is going to encourage folks to step up and write a script for you pro bono.

And secondly, you would probably get a bit more help in the mccodes support forum (on this forum [just in case]).

And lastly, you'll get a ton more help if you actually attempt to code this yourself, and if/when you find that something is wrong in your code, you bring that code here with specific questions about how to make that code work as opposed to asking folks to code the thing for you entirely.

It's up to you though, as to how much helpful help you actually want. ;) (the suggestions I'm making though are guaranteed to work)

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