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When playing some popular mccode based games, you tend to encounter server maintenance during the cron day reset. My question is, what all happens during that time? Is it only to process the cron day and what's in the cron that needs to halt a game for a few minutes? Or is it just database backup? I'm sure it's a combination of things depending on the server but I was just curious to find out more.

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Re: Maintenance

php games

- Extremly badly written mysql and db structure would cause serious lag if they don't lock the game for a few minutes.

client/server games have usually a weekly maintenance

- During a maintenance of such games all maps, mobs, etc get reset and put on their initiall location

- Often used also to update the game

In both cases 99% doesn't know what a daily backup is, often seen that they have to set the game back to weeks before with fake reasons like last backups are corrupted etc...

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