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New Unified Staff Panel w/ Staff Logs [v1]


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Ok...I am working on a new style staff panel for MCcodes v1, so far I have functions for crimes, cars, gang, items, users, all logs, etc etc.

I will post a screen shot after I get to that point in the design.

Staff panel also comes with logging of every action in the panel.

I am posting this early to see what people think, and what type of price agreement we can come to.

Post what you think I should charge below.


- Cy

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Re: New Unified Staff Panel w/ Staff Logs [v1]

oh lol would you like me to refer to the old post in war zone with the archives proving your wanna be shoutbox was insecure like most of your buggy codes, not one of my mods have been hacked unlike yours :roll:

get over yourself mate

and looking at family (yours) well i don't think that's ever worked for anyone lol

and unlike you i give 100% support even months after i've sold a mod for fix's

you just input your little backdoor like you did on "CONY" lol @ attackme.php

and i can get the backup that was taken when you inputted it if you like...

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