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what games do you play?


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i've played and i'm still playing some of themthese:

www.tribalwars.net - good but crap rules

www.runescape.com - good but idiot admins only making low lvl uptades and got bored.

gladiatus started playing soon, not the best but you can try it :) or atleast click the link and give me some gold for free :).

adventure quest, don't remember adress but i got real high level cos it's bit babiesh...

voyage century - good game but alot of work and alot of small bugs :).


well i prolly have played others but can;t remember.


(and click on the gladiatus link to give me some free gold!!)

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Re: what games do you play?

Freelancer's awesome but i deleted it after i cheated and won the game and was backing up my computer >.>


Dont really play games apart from minesweeper nowadays, used to have san andreas on here, and a few i had downloaded, and burnout on xbox

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Guest Anonymous

Re: what games do you play?

I play TW...and a few mccode games Twisted-Turmoil and Tropical Terror...besides that I play LandWarrior ...dam old novalogic game.

But Im not super active in anything really.

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Re: what games do you play?

GUYS! I MEAN ONLINE GAMES! like tribal wars! travian, blah blah.

the online games i've played are in the first psot of this topic.

games that are ont online specificly but can be played online:

CS 1.6 - a game i play

warcraft frozen - battle net. i'm really good but i'm too bored to alsways build the same thing over and over until win win win!

gta san andreas - done all missions, killed that cruel police man and his idiot patner :D

have played more but those are the main ones.

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