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[mccode v2] Most of my Mods


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Well I thought I would give away my mods as I've quit coding now and quit making games as I'm moving on to bigger and better things (lol)

Heres a screenshot off the mods you will get:


The new ones are:

Points Mod - Just like crystals but its points and you also get points trader.

Cigarettes Mod - Well let me just say this mod is pretty big.

Nudge Mod - You can Nudge people basically.

Profile Signatures - My own profile signatures what I made.

Page Tutorials - You can have tutorials on each page and be able to switch them on/off.

Stop URL Mails - You can stop people from putting etc "http://www.example.com" into mails.

I think they are all finished NOT 100% sure and you already should know my other mods as I've posted them on the forum before.

They all come with Instructions and Ignore the bits in the Instructions that say (Thanks for buying my mod) etc as I've decided to release them for free and couldn't be bothered to edit the Instructions files.

Download Link:


Download the Zip file and then unzip it and enjoy!

All the mods was made by me, please do not sell these mods!


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Re: Most of my Mods for V2

You're actual core skill only counts for part of your place in this community exterminator even simple pieces of code can help the lowliest n00b begin to understand what they are doing. Therefore you shouldn't say we shouldn't be unhappy at you're leaving as you have most likely provided many people with there starting points as php coders. I wouldn't know half as much as i do now if it wasn't for most of the people (Extermination™ ,Nyna,MagicTallGuy,Richard but to name a few) so yes the community at large should be sorrowful at youre leaving as you have more than likely have provided people with a lot of help without the comparative to other people as reading an MTG script is hard to understand as a newbie so who knows i for one am sad too see a decent coder leave.

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Re: Most of my Mods for V2

As the last poster said no matter what you have contributed or what your coding skills are at you help and are a huge part in this community. if all members left that had your abilities or less there wouldn't be many people left so take down them mods and stay as a part of this community!

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Re: Most of my Mods for V2


:( its a shame to find out your leaving. were gonna miss you :(

Not really lol, I'm not exactly excellent at coding and making mods theres many people that are better and are good at making them.

ah mate i think your alright and it will be a little more boring without you around here lol

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Re: Most of my Mods for V2

Thanks for all your comments.

One day you will realize that it would be time to move onto something better, and yeah I had fun helping and creating stuff from PHP.

And thanks to the people that have helped me in the past.

I haven't got much more to say as I'm speechless from the nice and sad comments you lot put.

I wish you all good luck! :-)


Nice set of mods there! :lol:

It's sad to hear that you're leaving. Thanks for all the help you have given me and CE members. :) Good luck with what you're moving onto....talking of which, what are you moving onto doing? ;)

Thanks for your nice comment, I am moving on to creating PC Games, 3D Modeling, learning C#, Yes its hard but its good to start from the easy software like Dark Basic etc then move onto XNA Game Studio, It's pretty hard but I have a lot of experience in modeling, Its also good to use something like FPS Creator that gets you around (basicaly does the work for you, drag and drop software) No Scripting Required.

I was going release these mods for free anyway but I never really had time so I just released them all in one pack.

Thanks people for your comments, I'll probably come back someday.

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Re: Most of my Mods for V2


bye and have fun even though i no you will still be posting here

Yes I will be still posting on these forums lol, I didn't say anything about leaving CE.


I have a good idea for the Nudge Mod. Just the java code shake screen.

To see the code in action look at this link:



You're unable to view this code.

Viewing code within this forum requires registration, you can register here for free.


I was going to do something like this.


How do i download them ?

Click the link and enter the code and download them.


I had A look At These And these are decent mods go for them peeps :)



Well thanks Extermination, I'm not sure if I'll use any of them but I wont pass up at the chance to see what you have managed to create. I'll give them a look for sure. Very kind of you to share.

Its alright, thanks for your nice comment :-)

And I thank everyone for there nice comments! :-)

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