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PHP joke of the day...


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# iif function                            #
# Why is not this in PHP beats me!        #
function iif($condition,$value_true="",$value_false="")
      return $value_true;
      return $value_false;


I ran across this bit of code in a commercial php application. It's a simple function, and does what it's supposed to.


"Why is not this in php...."

Well, it is in php. It's called a ternary operator....


$result = $condition ? $value_true : $value_false;


And the egg is on their face!

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Guest Anonymous

Re: PHP joke of the day...

hehe - yep, seen that one...

IIF() - that was in Clipper/dBase IIRC - so I guess it has it's roots in the late 70's early 80's.

Although, I have to point out, that ternary ops do not always work as expected. There are some interesting ramifications of using them - especially with references.

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