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Good Programming?


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Just in case anyone is under the illusion that the big companies on the web do things better than us lowly non corporate entities can, here's something for you to ponder.

I'm going to paste a few lines from the comments in pay pal's "pp_main.js" javascript file.


* This is better safe submit.


It both submits the form and ensures the form can not be submit again by.....


Dummy function that is used in conjunciton with safeSubmit(f) to prevent multiple submits...

This script doesn't appear to have been coded by someone that thought someone else would be reading their comments...

You've gotta wonder what other shortcuts they've taken!


So, the point I've made so far is that these folks aren't perfect. Their "crap" stinks just like everyone else's, as the saying goes. lol

As Billy Mays would say, "But that's not all!!"


These folks are using an off the shelf library provided by Yahoo called The Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI).

There's nothing wrong with that at all. I use the same exact code library in most of my work. I've seen YUI in use on cpanel as well. If you've ever seen those templates they use that allow you to change the order of the menus by dragging them around, that's a YUI interface. And the regular File Manager (not the Legacy one) uses a YUI Datatable to display the folders and files. There's probably more YUI. So I took a quick look and they have YUI TreeView, Event, Panel, and quite a bit more.

YUI is a free library with extensive documentation. I highly suggest that anyone interested in javascript check it out.


Now I've demonstrated that these folks are using technology available to the masses in order to create their slick UI's (user interfaces).

So anyone that shares the sentiment in the following quote from a person who shall not be named now, is sadly mistaken.


It's not as if any major PayPal type of site would use PHP never mind MySQL anyway, They have everything custom built.


I guess by that reasoning, PayPal authored Yahoo YUI. Did I get that right? Perhaps they also wrote the ECMAScript 262 standard used to define the javascript standard which is used to build their entire UI?

No, these folks use the same things we all can use. They don't reinvent the wheel (to use Nyna's fav quote) when there's a perfectly good wheel available already. Whilst PHP may not be the end all be all, there isn't anything else available for server side scripting that eclipses PHP in any significant way.


Sure there's pluses and minuses to all scripting languages. PHP is one of quite a few top notch scripting languages. MySQL is used by so many people it's not even funny. Just check out the MySQL Customers page and you'll see a number of banks, government institutions, and even Google on it!


Now that you've been empowered, go get em!! ;)

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Re: Good Programming?

That's an American phrase that means:

Go and do the best you can with what you have at the same time as wishing a bit of luck with the statement that is implied by the phase "I know you'll 'get em' or else I wouldn't have said it".

Go kick ass would be mostly an equivalent expression.

The difference being a go get em being geared towards a younger audience. :)

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