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Php & SQL Coder Needed for MMORPG


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I am here to find a coder to partner up with me in the the running and development of my new MMORPG game. I have a version of MCCodes V2 with license.


The game is currently at the point of been 95% done and ready to go live, but i am looking to hire a coder to help with the game running and development.


My previous games i have owned are www.unforgivenwar.com and was rapslife, which i have taken down to develop with a custom engine at a later date.


The coder i am looking to partner with would need:


* To have MSN as a form of contact

* Be english spoken

* Willing to work on a profit share basis

* Offer strong, secure coding

* Know SQL

* Have the ability to create custom mods for the game

* Have fresh ideas

* Be reliable and be able to hit deadlines

* Be dedicated


An advantage would be if:


* You knew XSS

* Know how to find and eliminate any security issues

* Be able to offer at least 3 hours a night, 7 days a week minimum to the game


If you are interested please contact me on [email protected] for MSN or email [email protected]


I am willing to show the site to anyone interested by only on speaking to the person by email or msn messenger.


Thanks :-D


Possibility to make between $50 - $2000 per month!!

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