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[mccode] Login Page [$25.00]

$$ ?????? $$

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I Was Bored So I Decided To Create A Login Page To Sell On Here.

It Can Be Seen Working On http://www.urban-ghetto.com

Copies left: 10

As There Is 10 Copies If I See A Game That Has This Login Page, That I Haven't Sold To, Legal Action Will Be Taken You Have Been Warned.

Contact Info + Paypal Address: [email protected]


1 CSS File

11 Images

1 PHP File

Purchase a copy today! Thanks $$ ?????? $$

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Re: Login Page [$30.00]

Looks out of place and rushed i would never pay $30 for something that messy try making it look more presentable so it dosnt look like a 5 year old designed it


and anyway what makes it worth $30 its just the same as most login pages just the boxes moved and images you found on google :S

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Re: Login Page [$25.00]

ye sorry to disappoint but thats not worth $25

Things to work on:

-the page don't looked connected (remove the big black spot in the middle)

-banners squashed

-the about us link, gos to your register page - also tells nothing about the game

-colours don't match

-it looks like you have stole the image of some blog template

as assassin put its not worth it, very rushed

sorry to come down hard on you, but its half complete

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