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[Showcase] CriminalImpulse.com


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I just want to see what you think of the design.

Games not fully done, I know the outside buttons aren't functional.

I'm still working on the inside, outside comes last.

Not released as I said, I just want to know what you think of the layout.

Also, Scarlet made this a while back so all kudos can go to her.

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Re: [showcase] CriminalImpulse.com

I've only ever had one other game.

And I got rid of that one because it sucked lol.

It was successful, very successful, it still exists actually.

I've never started "games".

I've started game.

I wanted out of the gaming business solely for this reason, people making assumptions.

It's very annoying and I've found in every niché online it's the same.

People don't believe the truth but accept all the lies.

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Re: [showcase] CriminalImpulse.com

i wasn't only reffering to cola i also meant cm and you know me lol i am not making any assumptions and you act like i don't believe you when i do come on man we started playing these games together along with arson on mc and stuff i have no reason not to trust you

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