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[mccode] Registration Modification - Email Validation [$20.00]


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Modification: Email Validation

Price: $20

For: V2

Copies: Alot, until I feel it is necessary to stop.


Hey guys,

I've just made another mod, which I've sold to a few already. It's an email validation mod, with registration together. It's simple, quick to use and easy to implement.

Users can choose a username, confirm it, type in a valid email, and choose you gender. (Promo code is not there, but can be added.)...

They are sent an email, from whatever email the buyer (you) chooses (currently set to a game called mafia chaos, as the mod was made for them.). The email contains an 8 character numeric password, which you type in. You type in a new pw,confirm it and you're signed up.

This mod can be tested at http://criminal-revolution.com/sign_up.php

But please note, you will not be able to login, as I have not allowed the queries to execute.

Along with this mod, you will receive full support, updates and fixes for any bugs (which I guarentee 99.9% there wont be).

The layout ofthe sign up, will not be given with the mod. I am able to change the layout for you, with a basic background etc, unless you supply me with graphics you want, which I may also do for you. Otherwise, you will receive a coloured background layout for all the pages on signup.

Please contact me via PM or on [email protected] for more details.

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