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How To Choose A Website Layout


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How To Choose A Website Layout

The layout for a website is as important as the content that is chosen for the website itself. This is because the layout decides how easy a website is to navigate and how easy it is to find things on it.

You have probably noticed yourself that there are layouts which are fast and easy to use and ones that you spend more time looking for what you want than it takes to obtain the information once you have found it.

Overall people are more likely to visit and return to websites that are easy to use. Also layouts that are easy to use are usually easier to create. There are a couple of different aspects to a website layout. The first is going to be the design.

How is it set up? Where is everything located? Does it contain everything that you are looking for or that you want to have on your website? Keep in mind that you can use different layouts for different pages. Just because they belong to the same website does not mean that they are required to be uniform.

Though it does help to maintain a sense of uniformity it is not necessary and many people choose a variety of layouts and templates for their websites depending on the subject matter. In this way you can think of a website as a scrapbook each page presenting a different theme or event.

The choice of uniformity or choosing a variety of templates and layouts really depends on what you are looking for and how much work you want to put into the website itself.

You may also want to check to see if the website builder you are using supports multiple layouts. There are some which are single layout based. You are going to want a layout that is not too busy that it detracts from the purpose of your website which is the content on it.

The layout is also based on what you are presenting. If you are presenting primarily text you are not going to want a layout that is primarily for pictures and visa versa. You will also want a layout which provides all the link and page option requirements that you need.

Adding additional spaces is not difficult but you can cut work down considerably with the right template. You will also want to make sure that the background colors are easy on the eyes: bright colors and multiple colors are great. However, if you can not read the text because of the color or it is hard on the eyes chances are you will end up losing visitors.

After you have chosen the type of template, the colors and the pattern if necessary, it is important to make sure that everything you need, link and page buttons, banners and menus are placed in the proper place. There are a number of template options that will allow you to choose the placement of the various parts. Choose these options next in order to complete the layout for your website.

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