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-New Site-


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What kind of site would you like to see?

I want to make a site that will get alot of people coming onto, so i decided to ask you guys, its not going to be a game, i want to make a site that wont be too hard to make and will attract people to come and use.

I dont want it to be a clone like all other sites, what do you suggest?

It doesnt NEED to make money, but would be happy if it did! ;) it can make money from advertisments if enough people joined.

so what do you think?

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Re: -New Site-

i Have many ideas , but why would i share it ... Many Coders are here in the site , and they will either hi-jack the ideas from this thread or wont participate in it. I got a MEGA ( hopefully ) project underway. Contact me if you wish to take part ;)

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