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Looking for how to add item that gives energy


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I have a mccodes V2 game and would like to add an item that gives players energy. Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this? The game does have drugs but the script has random outcomes, that I could change. I am looking to add a single item that would give users energy most if not all of the time.


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Re: Looking for how to add item that gives energy


Thanks, did not realize that I had to label it as food. :oops:

That would be common sense i believe, unless, of course, you want to chew on a minigun to get energy :roll:

:lol: I'd chew on a minigun anyday :P..

Anyway, on a serious note, if you're using V2, you don't haveto make it food. You use staff panel to add the energy effect. Doesn't matter what the type is.

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